As a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, our firm practices and upholds the standards set forth:

  • Duty of Loyalty - To always put the clients best interest first
  • Duty of Good Faith – Fundamental obligation to treat all clients fairly
  • Duty of Good Care – Fundamental obligation to exercise the skill of an expert and to only advise in those areas where expert skill level has been obtained
  • Educate First – Provide comprehensive and unbiased education to clients ensuring they have a firm grasp of the subject matter prior to making specific suggestions or advice
  • Holistic Approach – Consider all aspects and factors that affect a plan prior to making suggestions or advice about any part of a client’s financial plan or circumstance
  • Full Disclosure – Always divulge all fees and commissions as well as disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Comparison – Always provide comparisons of suggested products with detailed explanations of why one is being suggested over the other
  • Confidentiality – Protect and keep all client’s information confidential and securely stored
  • Professional Practice Management – We run our practice with the utmost professionalism use proper documentation and procedures set forth by all relevant governing bodies including the SEC (where applicable) and the DOL. We agree to be audited by the CFF organization to ensure that all the above standards are being met at all times.